How to Contribute

We’d love to see you getting involved in Django MongoDB Engine’s development!

Here are some ideas on how you can help evolve this project:

  • Send us feedback! Tell us about your good or bad experiences with Django MongoDB Engine – what did you like and what should be improved?
  • Blog/write about using Django with MongoDB and let us know about your work.
  • Help solving other people’s problems on the mailing list.
  • Fix and improve this documentation. Since none of the Django MongoDB Engine developers are native speakers, these documents are probably full of typos and weird, ungrammatical phrasings. Also, if you’re missing something from this documentation, please tell us!
  • Report bugs and feature requests.
  • Send patches or pull requests containing bug fixes, new features or code improvement.

Mailing List

Our mailing list,, is the right place for general feedback, discussion and support.


Django MongoDB Engine is being developed on GitHub.

Bug Reports

Bugs can be reported to our ticket tracker on GitHub.


The most comfortable way to get your changes into Django MongoDB Engine is to use GitHub’s pull requests. It’s perfectly fine, however, to send regular patches to the mailing list.